Ultra Violet VibeS (UVV) took face in 2008 and is blasting Electro- Techno- Trance- Psytrance music across the muzzik lovers, this is just the beginning, UVV is a project which is formed to glorify and flourish the Electronic music on this planet...

Ultraviolet Vibes Currently Managed by .... Dj Psynyde aka Abhishek Dhar & Dj Almost Human aka Abhinav Dutta and Dj Poki aka Praket Priyanku from New Delhi .. Spreading Electronic / Psychedelic Music in Capital from a While In The Name **** PsycheDelic WeekEnd **** ,, Aswell as Promoting Upcoming Dj's ... Artists & Fresh Sounds of Psychedelic Trance ....

Our DJs:

T-Toon (Dark Psy)

Dogon (Twilight and Suomi)

Electric Mayhem (Goa Trance)

Psynyde (Dark Psy)

Cosmic Voice (Twilight)

Almost Human (Twilight and Morning Psy)

Poki (Tech, Progressive)


Shanti Virus


PsyCho SkuLL


                  Contact --- uvvproject@gmail.com

                        Copyright @ UVV Project

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